About WAHM-BAM Features

WAHM-BAM Feature

This is a separate blog to www.wahm-bam.org, where I will be writing about blogging topics and other things I wouldn’t normally write about on WAHM-BAM! It’s also where I’ll be putting any  sponsored and paid for posts. For the moment, I intend to accept follow links, but I may change this at a later date.

I do not necessarily endorse any products or services featured or linked to here (though I will not place any posts linking to or advertising a product or service that I am strongly against). I will still fully disclose any payment to comply with OFT requirements.


If you wish to contact me to place a sponsored or featured post, you can contact me at codingmamma@gmail.com.


Please visit the main blog at www.wahm-bam.org for the main content.